Laptop Rockers – Kraftwerk Remix Contest

Only 7 days left to make your own Melancholic Afro remix. My version is still in production, i hope i can make it before the deadline!

Check out the official remix page:

~ by -Maze- on February 23, 2009.

7 Responses to “Laptop Rockers – Kraftwerk Remix Contest”

  1. the original song is not my style but I think I’ll also try to make it better wit a mix ;-)
    did you think it is possible to release a mix on jamendo?

  2. i’m not really sure. I think it depends on what the original copyright owner let us do. For example David Latour let me upload a remix to my MySpace page.
    I also think of a remix album to be released here at Jamendo… as far as i know we have to get a permission from each artist..

    If you find out any specific thing about this stuff, please let me know!

  3. you can listen to my Melancholic Afro remix at MySpace:

    tell me what you think about it?

  4. At this moment I’m listening your mix from the contest. Sounds good, it rocks like prodigy. Good work!

  5. Thank you Halbschatten, i’m glad you like my remix. I was trying to do a moving mix, well not completely my stile anyway but i loved making it ;)

    If anyone is interested in the other remixes, here is the link to all of them:

    Enjoy :)

  6. I’m curious to see who wins. I’ve voted for you with 3 points :-)
    My own mix is just for fun and I don’t think I have a chance but I have had a lot of fun making a version completely different from the original but more like Kraftwerk.
    And it’s a deflection from the work on the music of my band…

    - L e e r m o n d -
    - Die Schatten -

  7. Thank you for the vote! :D
    I’ve listened to your remix it is a really nice product congrats for it! Do i hear PoiZone in it?

    well it seems none of us won, but still i loved making this remix. Was so professional material at my hands.

    I think i have to buy Ozone 4 :)

    Maybe next time we will win some nice prices :)

    for anyone who interested in the contest results here is the link:


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