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New album has been released. This time it’s a venture into deep house territory..
What do you think?


Mountain Lounge

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So here we go again…

I have to say this was a really interesting and fun half year to me.. I’ve moved to Scotland (you must see it if you like nice people, castles, mountains and of course whiskey) and I also created a new album on my free time. It was uncharted territory in both ways.. all this new life alone in a different country and it’s my first pure ambient trance music.

But it’s done, and I’ve learnt a lot during this period of my life. :)

So celebrate with me this fine new release!

And of course any comment would be welcome!



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Short update: X-centric has been released on 6. March

It looks quite popular at the moment i think. Listen to it and tell me what you think about this album. Here are some reviews from Jamendo:

Good Chillout
8 out of 0 to 10


good work, nice sound to have an good chillout sound !

best Regards


This is what I’ve dreamed 2 listen 2,after in n out i n out….GOOD LUCK n SUCCESS!!!

Fantastic, Lounge, World, Electro,Ambient Album….
9 out of 0 to 10

A fantastic, dynamic,hypnotic, rhythmical,enchanting, magical, smooth, beautiful,lounge, world, electro, ambient, chill out, spiritual album. Feel it touch your heart and soul, and lift you to another plain, in your minds eye.

10 out of 0 to 10

relaxant! quoi dire dautre apar que c magnifique :p ?
bonne continuation et merci pour la musique :) .

Thank you guys for these wonderfull words, that means it worth to do some more music for you :)

that’s for now,

Enjoy :)

Laptop Rockers – Kraftwerk Remix Contest

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Only 7 days left to make your own Melancholic Afro remix. My version is still in production, i hope i can make it before the deadline!

Check out the official remix page: http://www.laptoprockers.eu/remixcontest/empire-state-human-melancholic-afro/

Realworld Remixed

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Ok, this day seems to be a really busy day :D

You can listen to my remix of Sev Kumladim here: http://www.realworldremixed.com/remix.php?remix_id=pz2LFekfd_nZ5RfL

Sneak Peak – Music Video

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Here is the first song became public from my new album. I’ve used some spectacular images made by Hubble. It was a real pleasure to work with a material like that. Enjoy :)


New album Release

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It’s been a while, but finally my new album gets it’s final shape. Only the mastering process left before the release.

The curiosity of the album is that Screw-Jay and i’ve made a collaborative song for it. You can listen to this song on his new album as well, wich  appears to be released together with mine in march. We have different music styles, but i think we could manage to get those styles quite close for this unique song.